Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Arrival Procedures

School building opens at 8:40 AM. Children should arrive NO EARLIER than 8:40 AM. There is no adult supervision available prior to 8:40 AM.

Car Riders: Students who are not bus riders should arrive to school by 8:40 AM via the car loop off of South Whitehorse Rd. The doors close promptly at 8:50 AM to allow staff to report to their assignments.

Bus Riders: Students arriving by bus will be dropped off at the gym entrance doors

Walkers: Students who walk to school should enter the building by the playground blacktop area and into the cafeteria to check in with the teacher on duty

• All open doors are supervised by teachers on duty.
• Once students enter the building, students proceed to their classrooms**.
• All outside doors are closed at 8:50 AM
• Students arriving after 8:50 AM should enter the building through the main office to sign in late.

**During the first week of school, students in grade 2 will meet their teachers in the cafeteria.

Dismissal Procedures 

Car Rider Dismissal 

•Drivers enter the car loop from Whitehorse Road.  
•Place the placard (distributed by the office) in your windshield.  
•Dismissal will begin at 3:35 PM and ends at approximately 3:50 PM. 
Parents/Guardians should arrive in the car line during the designated times.   
• Students wait in the hallway near the car loop. As families are identified with their placards, students will be sent out to the car loop.  

• Please be aware of the staff members on duty. Staff members are working to make sure everyone is safe.  Please adhere to their directions and stay attentive while in the car rider line.  Parents/Guardians who are driving should not be on their cell phones when picking up their child.  
To expedite the dismissal process, we are asking all families to pick up their child and continue through the line quickly. If your child needs assistance buckling his/her seatbelt, please continue through the car line and then pull over to assist your child. This is not a time to chat with teachers and staff on duty or other families in the car line.

Please Note: 
• Drivers should not be on their cell phones during pick up in order to facilitate a safe and speedy dismissal. 

• Students can only enter a car if the car has reached the sidewalk area.  Staff members will direct drivers and students when to enter the car. 

• Drivers may not pass other cars. 
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